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Hybrid 4/4 Hooded Steamer

  • The Shark Eyes Hybrid Wetsuit range offers the ultimate wetsuits for any ocean activity.

    Perfect for dive, surf, spear and any other water sports.

    Surfers will be blown away with a hood that is a pleasure to wear and does not choke you out while being worn around the neck. At first touch, you can feel how silky smooth and flexible this suit is. For thickness, they are the warmest suits we have worn.

    No need for multiple wetsuits anymore!! One suit to rule all suits.

    Please note, suits will come with blue zippers as pictured below, and not the black zippers.


    While our suits fit true to size, if in doubt be sure to size up!


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ashley Walsh
Finally! 🙌🏻

I’ve been spearfishing in 2 piece open cell wetsuits for nearly 20 years and never thought a closed cell wetsuit could never match their warmth & flexibility. The HYBRID 4/4 is a game changer! Warm, comfortable, flexible and no lube required! The versatility, quality and design features of this suit obviously come from a lifetime of being in and around the ocean. Whether you want a dive specific suit or a surf specific suit the HYBRID 4/4 is both and more!

Sean parks
The Ultimate experience

These suits are the real deal. It’s incredible to be in and out of the water all day and still feel comfortable. I run the hybrid for everything Whether it be winter kiting sessions, surfing and all underwater days, the versatility and durability of this gear is a game changer. The team at shark eyes have created the ultimate experience in wetsuits.

Ben Sowry
The Deciding Factor.

Spearfishing in SE QLD will always involve interactions with sharks on the reef. My most recent experience was literally 24 Hours ago off Moreton Island hunting in poor visibility at the end of the day, on my last dive I felt something was off and levelled out midwater slightly turning to look up and down the reef, feeling a big 'Whoosh' on my back, I turned to see nothing and returned to the surface. My dive buddy let out a big "woooo" as I breached at the top, and asked If I just saw what had just happened. I hadn't. What had occurred is a Bullshark had came in on me from my Blind Spot, and had literally been 75 degrees from my head by about an inch, as I turned for that scan, the eyes on my back faced the shark and it took off like a rocket back up the reef. Resulting in that "whoosh" I'd felt. From my experiences in this wetsuit, I wouldn't dive without it. I feel as though the eyes were the deciding factor on this occasion.

The Hybrid 4/4 Hooded Steamer is the comfiest Wetsuit I've owned, previously there had been nothing worse than putting on a cold lubed wetsuit at the Boat Ramp at 4.30AM on a icey Winters Morning, I'm thankful those days are now far behind me. Literally the best wetsuit on the market.

Rennie Giles
Flexible and warm

Providing surprising flexibility and warmth for both surfing and diving. The perfect crossover for winter surfing to summer spearing here on the south coast WA. After giving this wetsuit a pretty hard working for the last 6 months It’s my go to wetsuit.

Freddy Reidy
Best feel

Amazing feel. Been running this suit for 6 months now and still has that new feel. Love all the extra padding for spear fishing options as well as surfing. Truly a waterman suit and designed by a great team who really care about the ocean! Epic!!!!

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