Hybrid 4/4 Hooded Steamer

  • Our premium Hybrid Wetsuits are the most innovative, warmest, flexible, durable and eco friendly suits on the market. 

    We are revolutionising the wetsuit game with a skillset that only comes from hands on experience in the toughest ocean conditions. Combining this with the latest available technology and processes (backed up by four decades of manufacturing experience) and environmentally conscious, premium materials.

    We have combined the best features from Surf, Spear, Dive, Wind, Foil and combined them into one ultimate waterman's / waterwoman's wetsuit. 

    The world's first ever multipurpose wetsuit, with no compromised function across all watersports. 


    While our suits fit true to size, if in doubt be sure to size up!


Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Max Hyett
Sick hybrid wetty!

Been wearing my 4/4 hooded wetty and I’m loving it! It’s really warm and comfortable and fits great, I was surprised how flexible it was being a 4mm all over too. It’s more flexy than my other 4/3s and it’s warmer too. The hood is super comfortable and beats all the other hoods I’ve worn so far so I’m really happy with it. The leg pocket it super handy for a small snack bar or in more remote regions I can pack a small tourniquet in there too which is sick.
Big thanks to Shanan who is great to deal with and is super helpful, feels good supporting an Aussie company too.

Game changer

Having spent a lifetime playing and working in and on the ocean, I’ve had my share of unexpected encounters with predators. Shark Eyes products have become a convincing factor in keeping me in the water and providing me the peace of mind that comes with the added protection of those forward-facing eyes.
Shark Eyes hybrid wetsuits range are super comfy (the 3mm steamer is easier to paddle in than my old 2mm brandless springy), durable, toasty as hell, have several unique features not found on other branded suits and of course, they are multipurpose. Which reduces the need for multiple suits. It is obvious they have been crafted with purpose, intent and superior quality by people with skin in the game. Two thumbs up. Highly recommended!

Best wetsuit hands down

This wetsuit is ridiculously flexible, light-weight and warm. As soon as you pick it up you can appreciate that this is a premium top shelf wetsuit, Im going out and saying it is the best wetsuit on the market. The chest zip entry is amazing, no struggle to get this over your shoulders, in and out in a flash. Also for any regular surfers on the South West Coast, you need to be looking after your ears and the inevitable surfers ears - the integrated hood is your best tactic for this.

Beau Shepherd
Great Wetty! 5/5

I've been using the 4mm Hooded Steamer now for about a month. I love this wetty for diving & those wet ski missions! I love that I don't have to get wet anymore, or lather up in soap or baby powder to slip into a open cell 2 piece. Super soft comfy inside, straight off the bat can tell the stitching, zip and cuffs are really heavy duty so big A+ from me.
LadFish team member - Beau Shepherd


Absolutely stoked on my new 4/4 hooded steamer.
It is by far the most versatile and best suit I’ve had to tackle lots of water sports down here in cold Tassie.
Can’t believe I have a suit for surfing and diving that’s super easy to put on.
Spoke to Shanen on the phone for a good hour about his suits which shows how much he cares about providing a great service!
Can’t recommend these suits high enough. Awesome stuff guys!

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