Shark Eyes Rash Vest


The ultimate in protection! Restore some peace of mind when in the ocean. 
This Gen 2 rashie is not a cheap rash vest, it a premium quality Rashie on sale!

Sizing- please check size guide in photos. Size up on this product as it is small for its size. Smaller sizes will fit older kids and teens, 

It is a unisex black, long sleeved rash vest, with printed Shark Eyes graphic on the back and on the front is perfect for ocean swimmers and those just having a dip/ wading.  It helps to protect from the sun and helps to reduce your risk of shark attack.
The eyes are designed to be spotted at long distances when a shark may be doing a risk assessment. If the shark thinks it has been seen, it may be more likely to choose alternate prey.
80% Spandex, 20% Nylon.
UPF Rating - Minimum 30+, Maximum 50+.
Suitable for men and women.
Dark coloured fabrics provide maximum sun protection.

Please Note- No refunds or exchanges will be permitted on this product due to its sale

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