SHARK EYES, GIFT CARDS!!!!! For any budget $20 - $699


Give your loved one a gift card to shop our range!

Available for every product in the Shark Eyes Range! Priced Gift Cards to suit any budget from $20 Mask Tamer,  Surf Apnea Course $249.00 to a Hooded Hybrid Wetsuit $649 !!!

Feel free to email if you have any  questions or need some help!

Redeem a gift card with Shopify POS

To redeem a gift card with Shopify POS:

  1. Add products to the Shopify POS cart in the usual way, then tap Checkout.
  2. Tap Gift card (if you don't see the Gift card option, then enable it from the Payments settings screen).
  3. Enter the gift card number using one of the following options:
  4. Tap Redeem.
  5. If there's a remaining balance that the customer needs to pay, then tap of the following options:
    • Tap Add payment to add another payment method.
    • Tap Mark as partial to mark the order as partially paid and take additional payment at a later date.
  6. Optional: On the post-checkout screen, provide the customer with a receipt.
  7. Tap Done to return to the products screen.

The receipt shows the last 4 digits of the gift card used in payment, along with the remaining balance on the card.


Customer Reviews

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Honor Wilde
Gift voucher

Thanks Shannan for organising the gift voucher for my son. Easy process and great communication.