Surfers Are Sticking Eyes On Their Surfboards To Deter Sharks.

By Tyler Lee

One of the dangers involved in surfing would be shark attacks. While they might be rare, when they do happen, it can also be fatal. Unfortunately, it seems like there’s really not much we can do about it, after all, the ocean is the home of predatory animals like the shark. However, it seems that surfers might have found a way.

This comes in the form of a pair of “eye” stickers which they are plastering on the underside of their boards. Apparently, these eye stickers have the ability to deter shark attacks. This is because sharks, like the great white shark, are ambush predators, meaning that their preferred method of attack is by sneaking up on unassuming prey.

However, with the eye stickers being placed on the underside of the surfboards, it makes it look like the surfers are “aware” that a shark is near, which could deter them from attacking since the element of surprise has been removed. The stickers are made by a company called Shark Eyes, which was founded by Australian surfer Shanan Worrall who was actually involved in three great white shark attacks, and where he actually lost a friend to such an attack.

We’re not sure how effective these stickers are, but according to Richard Pierce, conservationist and founder of the Shark Conservation Society, he told INSIDER that the stickers do have merit. “Great Whites are primarily ambush predators, and so it could be that if they were convinced their prey was observing them, they make look for an easier opportunity elsewhere.”

By Tyler Lee

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