Tube Of The Year Nominee - Shanan Worrall

Shanan Worrall, the fairly unknown West Australian commercial diver from Esperance, the most south eastern coastal town of Western Australia, has had an affinity with the ocean and all that happens within ever since he was six years old. Growing up, he was immersed in water from the beginning, learning how to free dive, fish, spearfish and surf whenever the waves got interesting enough. Interesting being in the three-times overhead over bone-dry reef type of interesting. He likes to charge.

Worrall has enough hard-earned ocean experience to know what to do when it gets serious and how to deal with the biggest wipe outs, and which waves are going to open up for the biggest barrels ever, or pinch over a corner of shallow reef.

As another Right contender, Worrall is that much deeper than the other entries, and as a result it all seems that much more dramatic. Interviewed in the Western Australian news website, Worrall recounts the ride.

"I got lucky," reckons Worrall. "It could have been anyone, but it was definitely the biggest barrel I've had."

The May 16 swell was definitely the most serious swell to hit this slab throughout 2016, and it resulted in three entries into the Tube Of The Year awards. When The Right gets to this level then it becomes a serious test out there with any mishap possibly resulting in injury and drama.

Worrall has had his fair share of barrels out there, always finding his way out for every proper swell, but also taking his fair share of beatings. All surfers who have slammed at The Right have got the scars to prove it.

By The Right, Western Australia May 16, 2016.

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