Greg Pickering

2x Shark attack survivor, Abalone Diver, Spear-Fisher and Free-Diving Champion of both South and West Australia.
  • Commenced spearfishing / free-diving in 1970
  • 20 plus Great White Shark encounters
  • Australian Spearfishing Champion (1989) at Kangaroo Island SA
  • Winner of the South Australian Spearfishing Championships 1978
  • South African Spear fishing champion (1994)
  • Abalone Fishing 35 years plus in South Australia and Western Australia
  • Established 3x World Spearfishing Records for blue water gamefish
  • Participator for 10 years in the Australian Spearfishing Championship
  • Winner of Team Tripartite Spearfishing competition
  • Competed at two World Spearfishing Championships

Greg suffered his first shark attack in 2004, whilst spearfishing off Cervantes. After a bronzed Whaler shark bite to the lower leg, he returned to the water 3 months later.

Gregs second shark attack occurred whilst abalone diving 160 kms east of Esperance, West Australia, bitten around the head and shoulder he miraculously escaped. He made it to the surface from 15 metres, assisted by Callan Turner in a boat. Andrew Rowe and Shanan Worrall (Shark Eyes Founder) were in another boat nearby, and came over to assist. They made a rendezvous with an ambulance officer and ambulance on remote dirt road 110 kms from Esperance. They travelled to Esperance hospital and then flew to Perth by Royal Flying Doctor Service. Greg was in surgery in Royal Perth for 10 hours. A 19MM tooth fragment was removed from his right eye, and was subsequently identified as a White Shark tooth from rear of jaw.

Greg’s Testimonial

“I think seeing a shark first or early helps prevent attacks. It's the one that you don't see is a real problem. I think the Shark Eyes concept may help prevent attacks. I still enjoy diving and remember often the wonderful things that I have seen while in the water. It has truly been a privilege to have spent the majority of my life in the sea.”