Our premium Hybrid Surf / Dive Wetsuits are the most innovative, warmest, flexible, durable and eco friendly suits on the market. 

We are revolutionising the wetsuit game with a skillset that only comes from hands on experience in the toughest ocean conditions. Combining this with the latest available technology and processes (backed up by four decades of manufacturing experience) and environmentally conscious, premium materials.

We have combined the best features from Surf, Spear, Dive, Wind, Kite & Foil into one ultimate waterman's / waterwoman's wetsuit. 

The world's first ever multipurpose wetsuit, with no compromised function across all watersports. 




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Hybrid Skulk 2.5mm Hooded Wetsuit Jacket

Change of dates


Sorry I’ve tried emailing a couple of times but havnt heard back, A little while back I asked to change dates because I couldn't make it to the surf apnea course and I asked to change it to the 4th of June but I never got any confirmation so was just wondering if I'm all good to come on the 4th ? Hope to hear from yous soon, looking forward to doing the course !

Thank you

Luke Gregson

Surf apnea course

After suffering a decent hold down last winter it really hit home that my surf survival skills and general knowledge was quite primitive. I discovered this course online and was blown away with how well Shanon and Russ constructed the course. Everything from conquering mental hurdles.Breath work techniques and basic rescue tips were all delivered in the days course
I Strongly recommend this course for any surfer or anyone who regularly hits the water

Really Happy

Great work guys. The suit fits good, everything I expected.

Hybrid 3/3 Steamer

I’m 56 and over the years I’ve tried all brands from Need Essentials through to O’Neil and Rip Curl and always purchasing their top line suits.
Sharkeyes wetsuits are 100% comparable to any top brand on the market I’ve ever experienced.
From an excellent price point, to flexibility, ease of in/out, and genuine snug warmth (even after a solid cartwheeling dumping), it is easily hands down the best west suit I’ve ever owned.
Margaret River

Warm enough

Maybe got wrong size as a little bit loose for surfing, might need a Velcro strap or smaller size but I’d rather them than the split toe hard sole models

Loved it!

Loved my one-day course with Shane, Russ, and Ash!
I completed an apnea free diving breathing course a few years ago but struggled to remember the strategies clearly. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I felt that I didn’t quite get science behind strategies. I’m sure that it was factually accurate, but I just didn’t get it.
Shane, Russ, and Ash’s explanations using easily understood terms and references have gotten stuck in my memory and I am using them all day every day to try and improve my breathing as a whole.
The reason I enrolled in the one-day course was to improve my surfing confidence. I was excited to implement the new strategies and I enjoyed a great day where I was caught inside, and wiped out a couple of times, but recovered easily. This meant that I spent the day paddling into and catching some excellent waves without the anxiety which I used to experience. Yeew!
On a side note, I didn’t do any investigation into Shane Worrall before I did the course. During the one-day course I asked Shane and Russ as many surfing questions as I could. They both answered honestly and with humility. Once I got home, I was so stoked to realise that it was Shane who won 2017 Big Wave Awards Tube of the Year. Shane, Russ and Ash’s humble attitude and desire to help other people really made the day super enjoyable.
Marcus McQueen

Shark Eyes Large

Stuck on my board, took it out first time and sticker was gone of my board!
Not good

Best wetsuit EVER

The most comfortable and flexible wetsuit I have ever worn. So easy to slip the suit on and even easier to take off especially for a front zip entry. Super lux and warm feel on the inside. So many great features to this wetsuit. Love it thanks guys 🤙🏻

Shark Eyes Socks/ Booties
Sharkeyes booties

Comfy & warm!

Great course

Great day with loads of practical information. Highly recommend for any surfer.

Surf apnea course

As promised I had a lot of great takeaways and have implemented them already finding improved performance and confidence. Thank you Shannon and Russell I’m stoked!

Super Warm

4,4, Hooded is an awesome wettie. Took one to tassie for a surf trip in April as I was told it gets pretty chilly over there. Was not cold for a single minute in this suit, most of the time was actually a bit warm, but thats because we had such sunny weather. Super quick drying, I used this suit two hours morning and arvo for two weeks and so long as I hung it up it was dry for the next surf. Even went out for a dawny on a 2 degree morning and barely felt the cold. Didn't need to wear booties or gloves while surfing which was great. Hood is a great option and can't wait to use this suit to dive more. Worth mentioning the sizing is smaller than normal, I usually surf a MT and in this was a L.

Absolutely love this suit. Comfiest wetsuit top I’ve ever worn.

Surf apnea course

I’ve done a few freediving courses, and breathing techniques, but the skills/ techniques I learnt on the surf apnea course were way more transferable to surfing, and other sports, even everyday experiences. The rescue techniques also way more practical. Great to learn from two people with so much experience in the ocean🤙

10 out of 10

Thanks Shanan and Russ for such a great day. Awesome content for becoming more comfortable in bigger conditions. Super practical and fun, love the new 4/4 wettie with the built in hood!

This course should be a prerequisite before you do anything in the ocean

Russel and Shannon's course is the prefect entry to learn surf survival skills. They both have a wealth of knowledge that they perfectly delivered in a fun and engaging way. The breathwork skills are something that will keep you alive in hairy surf situations and the rescue techniques will keep your mates alive.

Highly recommend to anyone setting foot in the water

Really enjoyable course. Shanan and Russell have so much experience and knowledge to share.
Inspiring stories, great breathing techniques, as well as rescue techniques.

My review

Was great to finally have something like this in WA. I reckon a bit more time on the mechanics of the performance breath and practising/reviewing in the class would be good. Otherwise Shannon and Russell were very professional and you could tell they were very passionate.

Wonderful course for any waterman

Had a great day learning with Shan and Russ who provided some effective breathing techniques and guidance that I am already using in the water, it's given me a big confidence boost heading into swell season!

Like a second skin

I have been wearing the vest for many years now and two girlfriends have bought them after trying mine and were both blown away with how comfortable they are.

Surf apnea course

This is the best course I’ve ever done! It has increased my everyday confidence, given me some great daily breathing techniques to manage stress and improved my confidence in the water out of sight. Thank you for your care and guidance. I’ll definitely recommend the course to others. Thank you.

Shark Eyes T-Shirt (Black)
Stoked customer
Eyes in the back of your ....

Quality T, light, cool, slim fit. Eyes on your back, Shark Eyes that is.

Battle suit

Absolute rip snorta shnazzy Flexi warm battle suit