Our premium Hybrid Surf / Dive Wetsuits are the most innovative, warmest, flexible, durable and eco friendly suits on the market. 

We are revolutionising the wetsuit game with a skillset that only comes from hands on experience in the toughest ocean conditions. Combining this with the latest available technology and processes (backed up by four decades of manufacturing experience) and environmentally conscious, premium materials.

We have combined the best features from Surf, Spear, Dive, Wind, Kite & Foil into one ultimate waterman's / waterwoman's wetsuit. 

The world's first ever multipurpose wetsuit, with no compromised function across all watersports. 




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Best Wesuit!

Recently received my 4/4 hybrid, and absolutely love it. Super soft and flexible, incredibly warm and feels very durable

Xavier diedricks

The wettie is warmer than anything else I’ve ever had and I’ve tried all the top of the line wetsuits, extremely stretchy and doesn’t let any water in. Looking forward to getting more from shark eyes

Tank cover

Looks great and easy to install

Not eaten yet

Still alive

Haven’t been attacked yet

Haven’t been attacked by a shark since having shark eyes!

Incredible course

Shannon and Rus are the best in business! Their knowledge, charisma and passion for the ocean shine through in this course. It's a fun and safe learning experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to challenge themselves, learn more breath and their own capabilites. I have already put the methods into practise both in the ocean and in everyday life. So much fun! I would do the course again. Thanks Fellas : )

Great Rashie

I used my new shark eyes rash vest sailing a dinghy on the very fresh geographe bay last Saturday. Most sailers had a full
Wetsuit but the rash vest from shark eyes kept the wind and water at bay in the fish conditions .

Unreal product

Comfy not that warm

Nice to wear for sure, getting out of my mid north coast pretty warm water it didn't feel as warm as I as may have liked, but that was a once off, need to get it a few goes in different weather. Was I expecting too much? Still like it tho

Shark Eyes ONE DAY Surf Apnea Course

Shark Eyes Surf Apnea Course

Shannan is a legend! The course was fantastic, I would recommend it to every surfer. He took time in our course to get to know everyone and really help with the things they found difficult / wanted to improve with there surfing and apnea training. Really helped to improve my mindset and breath hold!

My item hasn’t arrived yet ? I’m worried it may have been lost in transit ?

Use on fins

Please try make a version that sticks on carbon fins

Protect What You Love team

We love your wetsuits!!!

online shopping

Purchased a Skulk 2.5mm Hooded Wetsuit Jacket product is very impressive. I ordered a medium as per their body fit instructions. Tried it on at home and its really snug. Found it hard to get off might need help to remove it. Problem with online shopping you can't try prior

Shark Eyes Tshirt

My new favourite tshirts. Bought the black one as well. Excellent material and fit. Even the delivery exceeded expectations. 👍👊

V Good

Nice! Slides on/off like a dream, shoulders feel totally free while paddling.

Eyes on the back of the calves? Seems like that would be a good idea...'Shark eyes' wetsuit... am I missing something!?

An awesome wettie

Comfortable, Flexible and Warm! Great suit

Awesome Surf Apnea Course

Shannon and Ordy are so genuine and enthusiastic in what they teach. Really worthwhile even in the very cold waters of a s/west winter.

What a course!

Had the best day today learning how to breathe :-)
What a fantastic insight to how our bodies work and how we can tap into and help us with many different situations, from saving ourselves to competing.
We had a great day thanks so much!

Epic wetty

3hrs of jumping in and out of the tinny searching new ground, stayed warm the whole time. Next day surfed and the 4mm shark eyes is more flexible than my 3mm Patagonia, so stoked with it!

Hybrid Skulk 2.5mm Hooded Wetsuit Jacket

Change of dates


Sorry I’ve tried emailing a couple of times but havnt heard back, A little while back I asked to change dates because I couldn't make it to the surf apnea course and I asked to change it to the 4th of June but I never got any confirmation so was just wondering if I'm all good to come on the 4th ? Hope to hear from yous soon, looking forward to doing the course !

Thank you

Luke Gregson

Surf apnea course

After suffering a decent hold down last winter it really hit home that my surf survival skills and general knowledge was quite primitive. I discovered this course online and was blown away with how well Shanon and Russ constructed the course. Everything from conquering mental hurdles.Breath work techniques and basic rescue tips were all delivered in the days course
I Strongly recommend this course for any surfer or anyone who regularly hits the water