Our premium Hybrid Surf / Dive Wetsuits are the most innovative, warmest, flexible, durable and eco friendly suits on the market. 

We are revolutionising the wetsuit game with a skillset that only comes from hands on experience in the toughest ocean conditions. Combining this with the latest available technology and processes (backed up by four decades of manufacturing experience) and environmentally conscious, premium materials.

We have combined the best features from Surf, Spear, Dive, Wind, Kite & Foil into one ultimate waterman's / waterwoman's wetsuit. 

The world's first ever multipurpose wetsuit, with no compromised function across all watersports. 




Based on 194 reviews

Fitted well and well be trying it out soon


Easy on easy off vest. Looks great. Keeps the chill off and the stingers out. Love it


Comfy 10/10 everyone needs one of these in their quiver !


I love the comfort and style of the band! I’ve gotten so many compliments of how cool it looks! I look forward to buying more products! Much love and many blessings from Florida!

What a hybrid

Snorkel or scuba If you want to keep warm this suit will definitely do it. Iv been living in the suit for a for a few months now and you can't go wrong. Feel confident, comfortable no movement restrictions. Team Sharks eyes!!

Sharks eyes Socks !!! Love them

Great addition with the suit, or just for a quick snorkel. I always use them easy to get on and off great product thanks team!!

Surf Apnea course

Wow what an eye opener when you think you know everything from surfing over 50 years. Shannon taught me stuff i had no idea about. Not just breath holding but safety in the water & under water. Opened my mind to a lot of new techniques. Best $250 i have spent in a long time. He taught the course really well & i recommend the course to anyone involved in the water or wanting to take up surfing. Fantastic

The best

These are just a perfect combination of warmth and flexibility

Great Course

If you ever wonder this course is not for you, you are wrong. Shannon is a great conveyor of his techniques, which will upscale your confidence in bigger surf. I am 66 and this course has given me a higher degree of confidence that I did not have before.
Cheers to the Shark Eyes team.


This wetsuit is amazing. Keeps me warm and is very flexible. Although I beleive sharkeyes are restricted by its mainly online presence as it may be dificult for someone to figure out their size. Also i think that the selction of sizes avalable are abit small. You guys should expand and create more types and sizes of wetsuits. Otherwise it was a great purchse i will see if the price predicts its durability

Love it

I bought mine when they were released in spring and used it all spring and now again in autumn. I'm in the water for hours at a time and this makes a huge difference.


Super comfy streachy and light but keeps you nice and warm


Perfect fit. Ta.
The water at my local has been 25C so I haven't needed the extra warmth yet. I can see this getting a flogging in Winter.

Thermal rash vest Ladies Size 8

Wore my thermal rash vest for the first time on the weekend surfing. It felt like I was being hugged in the water. So cosy, so comfortable, protected me from the gusty souwesterly which a normal rashie doesn't do as well. My second purchase from the Shark Eyes team and I am always impressed. Well done again!!!!

Hybrid 3/3 Steamer

The Hybrid 3/3 is the most flexible wetty I have used. It slides on as easy as if you have a plastic bag on your foot. The range of sizes available will ensure a perfect fit is available.

Beautiful soft organic cotton true to size

Great item, as described.


Great looking and fitting pro tee😉

Shark Eyes Mongrel 4/3 Steamer - Surf/Dive/Spear Wetsuit
James Bracken
Love the mongrel

Tassie spearo using this as a knockabout summer suit and loving it sick! Got over open cell suits and having to remember “slime” plus being so bloody cautious of caring for that delicate open lining… not with this little number! Warm enough with the thermal lining still flexible enough to do business and the benefit of just chucking it on or ripping it off and throwing it over anything to dry. Stoked with and and definitely looking to upgrade to the hybrid when I flog this out whenever that happens

Shark Eyes Gloves
Rama Wieland

Great fit! Perfect tactility for spearfishing, love 'em.

Hybrid 4/4mm wetsuit

Excellent wetsuit for diving. Probably the best I’ve had. I’m 184cm and 126kg, but I can fit through the opening at the top.

Dive tank cover

A great product, quality materials, well constructed

Peace of mind

I've been wanting to spend more time with whites and this definitely helps with the pre-dive anxiety

Shark Eyes Shark Deterrent Sticker (Clear) S-M-L