Justin Holland

Professional Stand Up Surfer, Big Wave Surfer, Shortboard Surfer, All round Waterman.
Sponsors: Quicksilver, FCS, Kona Red Hawaiian Fruit Drink, Froth Monsters.

Justin grew up on the Eastern coast of Australia in Emerald Beach, started surfing at the age of 5 years and has been in the water ever since.

He quickly became interested in wanting to compete in many contest which he had success as a junior short board surfer. He started competing on the billabong junior series around Australia.

He then competed in various WQS events around Australia and the world.

He has always had a love for surfing big waves, and had his first trip to Hawaii in 1999 where his second day on the rock landed him out 20 feet Waimea bay where he rode a hand-full of great waves, this has lead Justin surfing in Hawaii every year since, a couple times a year and also tackling Peahi Jaws on Maui.

He took up stand up surfing 5 years ago and shortly after this started surfing on the World Stand Up Tour.

In recent years Justin came to West Australia with his mate Jamie Mitchell to tackle Cow Bombie on what some have called the biggest swell to hit Western Aus in decades.

Cow Bombie in West Aus is one of my favourite big waves in the world, being an offshore reef and a known spot for big sharks it is a comfort having Shark Eyes stickers on my boards.

Justin’s Testimonial

“After meeting with Shanan and talking through the science and ideology of how Shark Eyes works... there was no way I wasn't having them on all my boards I truly feel like I have an extra safety option now whilst surfing extreme waves in extremely wild locations. I feel a little more at ease knowing my kids have them on their boards as well. Safety has always been a top priority in surfing big waves and this low cost idea is a Bewdy. Thanks Shark Eyes!“