Shark Eyes Shark Deterrent Sticker Clear (3 Pack) S-M-L


The Shark Eyes sticker is a UV/water resistant, Australian made, super sticky, durable shark repellent. It's a recommended shark deterrent for all watercraft, ie surfboards, bodyboards, SUPs, kiteboards, windsurf boards, kayaks, canoe, dive tanks etc. Please note the bigger the sticker the better the deterrent!

Shark Eyes Sticker dimensions are: 

Small (210x64mm)

Medium (300x91mm)

Large (420x128mm)

For bulk ordering, please email us at shark eyes and we will customise your quote.

Note: The Shark Eyes sticker will only stick to hard, flat, smooth clean surfaces. It is not recommended for plastic or rubber fins, or inflatables

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Customer Reviews

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Clinton Earnshaw
Large shark eyes

Stuck two large shark eyes under the boat for help when we are stuck at 6 mtr deco for some time ! Just did 20 NM and they still stuck on happy as !

Sharndor Toth

Shark Eyes Shark Deterrent Sticker Clear (3 Pack) S-M-L


Epic Decals with overwhelming clarity that blend in so well on my state of the art quiver of many different surfboards.
I'm really stoked at the quality of the product provided by this great Aussie Business. Love the Shark Eyes watching out for me wherever I'm at eh. Thx Fellows

Barry Gould

Not receive yet!!!

Rebecca Ryan
Shark Eyes stickers

To me the shark eyes stickers are one of the best ideas ever. I really like to think that even though I may not notice what is beneath the surface when surfing creatures underneath the water may notice the set of eyes under my board and be deterred.