Shark Eyes Hybrid 3/3 Steamer - Surf/Dive/Spear Wetsuit

  • Our premium Hybrid Surf/Dive Wetsuits are the most innovative, warmest, flexible, durable and eco friendly suits on the market. 

    We are revolutionising the wetsuit game with a skillset that only comes from hands on experience in the toughest ocean conditions. Combining this with the latest available technology and processes (backed up by four decades of manufacturing experience) and environmentally conscious, premium materials.

    We have combined the best features from Surf, Spear, Dive, Wind, Kite & Foil and created one ultimate waterman's / waterwoman's wetsuit.

    The world's first ever multipurpose wetsuit, with no compromised function across all watersports. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Xavier Diedrickd
Xavier diedricks

The wettie is warmer than anything else I’ve ever had and I’ve tried all the top of the line wetsuits, extremely stretchy and doesn’t let any water in. Looking forward to getting more from shark eyes


Wetsuit seems silky on the inside looks of good quality and love the little extras on the but due to ocen temps still too cold for this suit I won't get to wear it until summer to really test it out.

s richardson
V Good

Nice! Slides on/off like a dream, shoulders feel totally free while paddling.

Eyes on the back of the calves? Seems like that would be a good idea...'Shark eyes' wetsuit... am I missing something!?

tony waldock
An awesome wettie

Comfortable, Flexible and Warm! Great suit

Hybrid 3/3 Steamer

I’m 56 and over the years I’ve tried all brands from Need Essentials through to O’Neil and Rip Curl and always purchasing their top line suits.
Sharkeyes wetsuits are 100% comparable to any top brand on the market I’ve ever experienced.
From an excellent price point, to flexibility, ease of in/out, and genuine snug warmth (even after a solid cartwheeling dumping), it is easily hands down the best west suit I’ve ever owned.
Margaret River